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Mi Casa, Mi Amor

Mr. He found Fengda, a trading & manufacturing company in 1992.


And as the business grew, Casa Bonita, was founded in 2004, specialized in designing and crafting. 


Create  Craft  Care


Jean He

Vice President

There is a Chinese philosophy of gifting: 禮輕情意重. Roughly speaking, this means that the value of the gift is not in its price tag but in the act of giving.  In this way, I always felt that gifting is like the bonds that hold a family together: the ultimate expression of care. 

Growing up with Casa Bonita, I saw my family work with artisans and craftsmen to make possible these expressions of care.  In particular, we think, create, craft (and, of course, sometimes argue), to bring out the best of gifting, from annual holidays to the unexpected pleasures in life.

And now, as Casa Bonita continues into the next generation, I see these expressions of care not only though Casa Bonita, but as a mother of two little girls.  She has instilled in me a new and even more profound appreciation, inspiration and conviction through motherhood to continue with the most human and most meaningful of all things: gifting as the ultimate expression of care.

The Next Chapter


Visit Our Sister Company, Fengda

Learn more about our sister company, Fengda, which specializes in trading & manufacturing,

please visit Fengda.

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